Midas Well's set up
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    Default Midas Well's set up

    this is my set up so far. although it seems to be growing on a monthly basis

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    Traktor Pro 2
    2x Vestex PDX-a1 MKII
    Kontrol S4
    Korg PadKontrol
    KRK Rokit 8's + Rokit 10 sub

    The S4 is my must have since it controls EVERYTHING in traktor. I have the midi fighter Instant Grat mapping modded to 2 scenes of the padkontrol. 1 for deck A and 1 for deck B. the other scenes are mainly for effects but one is for cues for decks A/B.

    The oxygen8 is mapped to control sample decks C/D. This gives me control over them w/out having to change focus on the s4 (which also freed up the sample play buttons to use for hotcues/beatjumps).

    As of now the turntables are being run thru the live inputs in Traktor. Hopefully soon i will upgrade to Traktor Scratch, but for now they run thru.
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    Traktor 2, 2x Vestex PDX-a1 MKII, Kontrol S4, Korg PadKontrol, Oxygen 8, Rokit 8's + Rokit 10s

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