DJ Krayz's Setup.
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    Default DJ Krayz's Setup.

    Home Setup:

    For my home setup consists of 2 parts, the production side(producing, mixing, mastering music or working on audio for films, tv shows, and commercials), and the dj side(prepping sets, jamming out with friends, or for production as well)

    My production setup is pretty basic, I have a KVM switch so I can switch between both a Mac and PC setup depending on what I am doing.

    Alesis Monitor One passive monitors running thru an Alesis RA-100 100 watt amp.
    Genelec 1091A active subwoofer

    Audio Interfaces/Controllers:
    Avid MBox Mini (Audio In/Out for recording)
    Frontier Alpha Track (Mixing Peripheral)
    Presonus Monitor Station (Central Monitor Station, controls audio inputs from computers, recording audio interface, dj booth, and monitor playback control)
    M-Audio Axiom 25
    M-Audio Trigger Finger
    Furman IT-1220 Power Conditioner (super heavy duty power conditioner)
    Acoustic Treatment (custom fiberglass panels for taming those reflections)
    Ultimate Monitor Stands
    Ikea Jerker Desk(craigslist for $35 baby!)

    Pro Tools 9
    Abelton Live 8
    Serato Scratch Live for DJing

    DJ Setup:

    Technics 1200MK5 x 1
    Rane TTM57
    Pioneer EFX-500
    Akai MPD26
    KRK Rockit 5 Monitor for playback(everything also pipes into the Presonus Monitor Station and can be played back on the nearfield monitors as well)
    On Stage Spearstands for my playback monitor and laptop stand

    Living room setup aka mobile setup:

    Technics 1200MK 2 x 2
    Rane TTM56
    Pioneer DJM707(as backup for anything)

    Custom Serato Case:

    Custom Serato Case I made back in the day housing an SL1 which is hard mounted to the case which is soldered to the patch bay on the lid. There is also an internal power strip which is hard wired to an IEC connector on the back of the case for 1 cable power supply runs! Nice and clean!!!!

    Work Setup:

    Sorry had to show this!!!! Thought you gear junkies would enjoy! This is the studio that I work out of here in Los Angeles. We are a high end Boutique Post Audio facility that provides audio services for a lot of tv programming. This is one of the rooms that I work out of running Pro Tools with a D-Command pumping out of an ADAM 5.1 Surround System! If you want to know more let me know we can geek out!
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