Hey all,

Found this new subforum and since I just took pictures of my rig, thought it was a perfect time to share!

So what we have here is a Macbook Air running Ableton Live 8, with the APC and the Trigger Finger attached. I use the APC for all of its groovy functions for controlling Ableton, and the Trigger Finger gets hooked up to Impulse for some live drumming action.

Then there's an iPad with djay on it, which doesn't really get used a whole lot. I used to use the iPad with TouchOSC to control Ableton, but since I got the APC that kind of went out the window. Trying to figure out a way to integrate it into my live setup, but between the APC and the Trigger Finger I kind of have it all covered.

The other computer gets used for all kinds of things. It's running Ubuntu 10.10, and at the time the picture was taken it was encoding some audio in Audacity.

When I play live I generally just bring the Macbook with the APC and maybe the Trigger Finger.