Hi Guys,
Just wanted to ask what you think of the KORE 2 controller/interface in combination with tpro?
I own a novation nocturn aswell as an Faderfox dj2 controller ( german company producing high quality gear, might write a review if i have some spare time ) and i have a used, old esi u46dj (which i got for like 20 bucks off a friend^^ ).
I now have the opportunity to get a KORE 2 controller quite cheap (only controller, no software) and i asked myself if it would be a good decision to get the KORE unit as a sound interface aswell as a MIDI supplement to my current gear (could use some extra buttons for track navigation, loops and filters).
So, what do you think, can i actually do all that with the KORE unit or are there some limitations to its use outside of the KORE 2 environment?

Thanks in advance