Using an onboard soundcard and my PCI soundcard.
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    Default Using an onboard soundcard and my PCI soundcard.

    So i got a new pair of headphones and dug up an old echo mia sound card heres a link( and i got numark redwaves. But when i plug my headphones into the card sound only comes out through my left headphone, when i plug it into the onboard soundcard it works fine. So my question is how can i use both that echo mia sound card and the onboard soundcard so i can get these headphones to work through both ears? Thanks.

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    I have no specific advice to give, but here's some general advice that should hopefully solve your problem.

    It's either the soundcard itself, or you haven't mapped things properly in the software.

    To check to see if it's the card itself, try routing other sources through it to see if you get playback in both headphones.

    If a channel is missing with all applications, proceed accordingly (check drivers, maybe one of the channels is busted, workable if you're using it for split-cueing, and listen to your speakers for hearing the live output)

    If it DOES work fine in other programs, open whatever program you're using and check the 'audio' tab or preferences to make sure the output is routed properly.

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    I have another pair of headphones, same problem. The redwaves work fine through my ipod and the onboard soundcard. So i'd rather just use it on the onboard soundcard.

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    Are you using Traktor? It only supports one soundcard. What does your audio routing on the software look like. More info and I might be of some assistance
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