Trouble syncing midi in traktor with ableton live
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    Default Trouble syncing midi in traktor with ableton live

    Firstly, hi, I'm new here, have gone to the website a few times and seen some cool things, so thought i'd check out the forum too!

    I'm running an ibook g4 (still!) with traktor dj studio 3 and ableton live 7. I've got sound going through ableton perfectly, courtesy of soundflower, no problems there, my problem comes with midi.

    I've tried ipmidi and that is not detected by live or midi monitor. I also tried using apple's own iac thing, that is better, as live is definitely picking up an external clock, but when i press sync, a very strange thing starts happening, the tempo changes constantly in live, it does not sync at all well. I'm not sure what bug is causing this, or what i'm doing wrong...haven't seen anyone else on the internet with the same problem, but if anyone here has any knowledge about midi and that sort of thing, maybe you might have an idea what i'm doing wrong?

    I thought maybe my machine just isn't fast enough to do this, but it's doing ok with other stuff, I run a lot through it still and cpu gauge never goes too high...

    Would be so grateful for an answer on this.

    Many thanks


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    Welcome to the community, but please read the FAQ before asking questions -

    Theres already a massive thread on this that you can find in the FAQ
    Syncing Traktor and Ableton -

    Closing this thread - if you still have any issues after reading the thread then please post inside of that thread.

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