Hi again
Ive been playing around with MidiPipe for the last 2 days and Im now able to trigger the delay effect with the first pad of my MicroKontrol

Using :
Message Factory (control 12)
Value (0 - 127)
Message :
Control/Mode Change (channel 3)
Trig. 2
Value 81 (delay is about from 78 to 90)

If the "pass through" is unchecked. the System message displays 81 when press the pad

I tried adding another pad for the flanger effect (about CC 110)

This is where my problem is at... I have to have the pass through on the first pad, but then it doesnt work, its trigger (127 - 81 then 0) which is not the case if I dont use the pass through...

Hopefully some knows what Im talking about...
Ive check Ean Golden's midiPipe for the Vci-100 and theres only pass through...

Can someone help me gets this freaking thing working? Im pretty sure its only a little setting that Im not understanding... (hopefully :P)

Thanks in advance.