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    Hi guys!

    So i play often at three different venues.
    One has a big LED screen behind the DJ 8x10metres
    Another has a lot of 40" LCD tv's placed around
    The last is more oldschool "warehouse" with two projectors at each side of the stage.

    I've would love to use some kind of visualization.
    I'm on OSX using traktor.

    In the disco's there are Windows XP/7 machines placed in the djbooth.

    I really dont want to use a lot of time on the visuals so i'm thinking of something like standalone quartz.

    As i am always mixing externally and DJM's is at all places my thought is to use the "rec out" with a phone to minijack cable - in to the line on on the "vj machine".

    All i need now is a small program that can hold some quartz compositions , shuffle them through the night and use my line in to sync them to the music.
    Alternative use a mic.

    It would be wonderful if i could "watermark" a corner of the screen with my artist name (or even better make it a part of the visualization)

    Winamp+Milkdrop and type Linein:// in the browser.. Then switcht
    to full screen?
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