HELP!!! Controller interference
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    Default HELP!!! Controller interference

    I bought a numark mixtrack pro about 5 months ago and i have been using that with traktor until i got a NI kontrol x1 and a novation launchpad for free. I was planing to use the x1 with traktor along with the mixtrack pro and the launchpad with ableton live that would be synced up with traktor. The only problem is that when i run ableton with the launchpad and the mixtrack with traktor on the same computer is that the launchpad keep interferring and controlling traktor. The launchpad is not listed in traktor's controller menu and i don't know how to turn it of. Does anyone know how to make the launchpad stop controlling traktor? it woud be awesome if somebody could help me.

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    Make sure it is on a different midi channel than the controllers in traktor, and that your traktor controllers aren't set to all ports.

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