Dear all.

I want to use Pioneer's software RekordBox on CDJ-2000's, and I have some questions about this. Hope someone can help.

I have both a small Toshiba netbook (NB 205) and a MacBook Pro. I would like to do the following:
1) keep all of the music on the MacBook
2) manage the music library with iTunes on my Mac and create playlists for DJ'ing there
3) use bridge in RekordBox (on the Mac) to access the iTunes playlists and add them to the RB database, then set beatgrids/cue+loop points for the tracks
4) then export the RekordBox database to an external FAT32 USB disk
5) connect that disk to the Toshiba and import and/or sync the database in RekordBox on Windows XP there
6) bring the Toshiba and external HD to the gigs (for easier browsing of tracks, BPM's and keys)
7) use an Ethernet cable to connect one of the CDJ-2000's to the Toshiba netbook, so the CDJ can access the RekordBox collection, including grids/waves/cue+loop points
8) then use a USB-cable from CDJ to CDJ to link them and have both access to the MP3's on the Toshiba/RekordBox

Is this possible? And if not, do I have to skip step 5 and just connect the external USB disk directly to one of the CDJ's?

I will appreciate any answer, since I don't have any experience with RekordBox (yet), and I would love to do what I outlined above. Thanks!

(I also asked this on the Pioneer forum, so you may answer here or there: