Rodec MX 180 Mk2
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    Hi, does anyone have any experience with this mixer? Stumbled across an offer for one today while procrastinating (have to write to paper to give at a conference next week, procrastination always hits me big time in times like these) and I think it might be a good deal. Would probably cost me 350€ including shipping. The Mk3 versions (which do have a number of advantages featurewise) retail for around 1200€. Is it a deal so good I should just go with it, even though I don't really need another mixer (am quite happy with my Xone 42). A quality extra mixer might come in handy when organizing more parties next year. But in general, I don't need one.
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    The Rodec is a better mixer than the xone. It has fewer features, and I'd imagine a lot of people wouldn't like them too much, but Rodec makes good stuff.

    If it were in good shape, and I had the money…I'd buy it for that in a heartbeat for that price.

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