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    Still a noob and still a noob question, sorry.. So i been practicing with transitioning into another song and the only eq i have ever used is the lowest one ( bass ) I would lower the bass all the way down on the 2nd song .. it doesn't come out good most of the time .. does anyone mess with the other 2 eq's and what exactly do the other 2 eq's do? And if anyone can share a tip on which eq's to mess with when transitioning ... thanks!

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    Check the frontpage of the blog. They just put on an article. People often cut out the low because they often clash pretty hard when you mix two lows together. It's doable, but as with everything djing, depends on track selection etc.

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    I suggest you read today's article on the front page of DJTT, I don't think it could be more apt.

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    Well you usually have three EQ's (sometimes 4)


    They do exactly what they say - increase/decrease the high, mid and low frequencies
    I don't use the mid much, just a tiny decrease when mixing out

    But the low frequeny eq is useful - you can bring the bass or kick drum in from the track you are mixing into and cut the other one for a good effect.

    Or gradually fade them in/out so the mix sounds smoother.
    With the hi eq it's the same - and you can get some good effects with the hi hats

    Just try a few things see what works - gradual fades and cuts

    edit: haha didn't see that on the blog
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    you should avoid rules, they will only limit your creativity and it will make every mix sound the same, that said, as stated the mids barely move unless they need to, in my experience you should only have one bass going at a time, but the highs, i like to bring in slowly to about 25% so they don't clash, then slam in the rest of the way changing them up a little before the bass, that is for melody driven choons, techno and loop based stuff is a different story, that is where there are no rules apart from no twiddling the knobs back and forward like an lfo, you can change up the frequencies quickly buy twiddling is useless and makes you look and sound like a noob that doesn't understand what they are doing.. Always move the eq with purpose, never cause you think you look cool doing it.
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    Mids hardly move?
    Hell no! I often totally cut (Eq kills) the mids from one track while cutting back the bass and a little of the highs from another to totally remix on the fly.
    Unless you know the tracks you wouldnt know im doing it - which i suppose is the entire point.. lol
    Plenty of examples here...

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