2 Lemurs or Traktor S4
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    Default 2 Lemurs or Traktor S4

    Since lemur is now available for the iPad, I've been playing with the thought of having 2 iPads running lemur and use my MF beatmasher (i still have an audio 2DJ). But the only issue I have is money and since I barely use the S4's full capacity, would it be a good idea to sell it and buy a second iPad or still keep it?

    Thanks in advance!

    PS: i mostly play electro and dubstep

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    Going from an S4 to touch app is a ridiculous idea.
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    you can try it but I'm not sure why you would want to unless you had a hardware mixer.

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    Some things are just inferior as touchscreens. EQ & Filter knobs being a case in point
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lilja View Post
    would it be a good idea to sell it and buy a second iPad
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    Hey lilja,

    My current set up is an iPad running TouchOSC and a Vestax VCM-100 (not so popular, it's a 2ch controller without jog wheels but has a built in Audio I/O).

    The VCM-100 is there exactly for the reasons that lethal pizzle describes -- it feels so much better twisting a knob than touching a screen to control certain things. For me, the most important was the Volume fader. With a touch screen, there is always that lag before you actually get to control it - namely, you staring at the screen and pointing your finger towards the right control. On a physical controller, you can get away with just glancing at it with the corner of your eyes.

    Nonetheless, I was once DJing with two iPads and Deckadance only, because Deckadance's midi customizability was so poor, I had to do a lot of that on the controller's side and TouchOSC worked really well - and to tell you the truth, the experience wasn't so bad.

    Would I advise someone to go just with iPads? No. The conservative advice would be "sell your S4 and buy a K2 to complement your iPad".

    But I think I am going to give it a try and if you are interested in getting on the same ship, you are more than welcome. Let's kick some tactile-contrilling-asses, what do you say?


    Until yesterday, I was mustering up the courage to go with 2 TouchOSC's and Traktor and I was almost ready... You of all people should understand how the appearance of Lemur made my decision final.
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    You really just can't beat the feel of real knobs and faders, and I don't think you get the needed accuracy with any touch screen.

    You would need something with a few knobs and faders, maybe a DDM4000 or a Xone K2 if your on a budget.
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    Touch apps are really only good with ableton.
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