How do you guys rip you cd to digital?
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    Default How do you guys rip you cd to digital?

    Hello, djtt people.

    Im ripping my cd collection into 320kbps mp3, and Im manually doing that: writting the name of the tracks and all tags and looking in the web for art covers and stuff like that. I dont know why my itunes cant connect anymore (as the Software Update as well), even if my connection is ok.

    Do any of you know of a better way to rip cds, naming files and getting album covers that looks easier and faster than mine? Thanks!

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    Do you know why iTunes isn't connecting? Will any media player connect?
    It's the FAQ. Read it.

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    I dont use I tunes as i didnt like the tagging functionality of it but maybe i was missing a trick.

    I use

    It links to and pulls all info and artwork and tags your tracks. you can then use it to bulk rename all yoru files based on what youve tagfged the tracks as. Its really flexible to.

    You dont just have to use discogs either it will link to freedb and amazon infact anything that someone has designed a script for.

    The standard discopgs script is a bit rubbish so i dounloaded another that someone had made that mans akll you have to do is get teh discogs ref number, key it into mp3tag and it just goes and gets all the info without you havent to search by artist etc .. !!

    Any more info needed just give me a shout.

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    The correct link of MP3Tag is : , no ?
    using it since almost one year, it's really fast and simple

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    i feel very comfortable with using "cdex" -



    ...getting really good results with ripping cds into 320 lame encoded mp3s!

    it also has a cd database feature and reads your cd.ini

    # Read / store album information from/to the cdplayer.ini file
    # Read / store album information from/to a local and/or remote CD Database (CDDB)

    last not least its 4 free!
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    Quote Originally Posted by minimalmintek View Post
    The correct link of MP3Tag is : , no ?
    using it since almost one year, it's really fast and simple
    erm ... no ... that must be a different one ... hahaha

    Correctamundo .. just testing you all makin sure your all awake

    EDIT ... Sorry also should add its not a riper , just a tagger !
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    Thanks I think I will use both cdex and mp3tag. Been on the look out for a decent tagging program actually!
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    Try Helium Music Manager, it appears to be all singing & dancing program.
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    +1 for mp3tag (the batch tag-filename and filename-tag feature along with the album art editor is awesome...saved me a BUNCH of time)

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