How to sync a laptop and a macbook ?
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    Default How to sync a laptop and a macbook ?

    hello just after some advice please me and my mate both have s2 controllers running traktor 2 I have a laptop and my friend has a macbook we want to sync up both versions of traktor is this poss do we need extra equipment any suggestions please thanks ??

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    Buy two of these

    Plug one into each laptop…plug them into each other (in to out, out to in)…set one to give off a midi clock and hit play, set the other to receive a midi clock.

    Then turn on the metronomes and use the beat-matching skills you probably should have developed at some point to get the 2 clicks to line up…then turn off the metronome.

    Have fun.

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    You can use MIDI over LAN. But that is a bit more technical.
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