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    In the beatgridding tutorial he is saying to match the tick with the metronome .. umm can someone explain? lol .. What should I be looking for/listening to with the tick?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RenegadeCz View Post
    In the beatgridding tutorial
    Which are you talking about ?
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    I always re-grid my tracks. Traktor does an okay job of getting the general BPM, but IMO, it's not good at placing the grid. I always play the tune and go into the beatgrid settings and TAP the beat out. I then zoom in to a section that has clear drums an adjust the grid accordingly
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    I'm starting to feel really dumb that even after all this research I still just don't understand how to beatgrid a track accurately ..

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    What i do is first delete the grid that's already there (the trash can icon next to the bpm window) then go in an find the first clear snare in the waveform (the always have a big clear spike) and place a cue point there (zoom in and place it at the VERY BEGINNGING). then go into the cue window underneath the deck and select the cue point you just placed and go to the drop down menu and make sure you select GRID. then i like to set another cue at the beginning of the bar. then i set a 4 beat loop and adjust the bpm until all the lines align with the beats (assuming its 4 on the floor type stuff they match up with the waveform) and that it sound on time. then do that for an 8 beat loop, then a 16 beat loop, then a 32 beat loop. then just scan through the song looking to make sure every beat is on time and if not make minor addjustments with the buttons next the bpm window (the ones that change the bpm, not move the grid.)

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    I know I'm going to sound like a total retard but I just still don't understand what I need to look for in order to know if my beatgrid is perfect ... What I have been doing is just trashing the beatgrid then finding the first line in a song , putting a marker on it and then locking in that beatgrid.

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    Drop a grid marker on the first "pip" of a downbeat or snare. Let the track run through, keeping an eye on changes in the grid as you go and adjust the bpm if necessary. A quick way to do this is to skip to about halfway through the track, maybe after a break to see if the grid is still bang on. Remember in the drop down grid menu, the top arrows move the entire grid, and the bottom ones adjust the bpm. Once the marker is in place its these bottom arrows you need to use.
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    Couple points from a few years of going through this procedure…

    1. Dubspot tutorials suck.
    2. You should be setting the grid visually, so don't use the metronome. Traktor's waveform view is way more accurate than the vast majority of human ears.
    3. The grid marker goes at the beginning of the peak of the attack. Look up what that means if it's confusing.
    4. It's been a long time since a recently produced track wasn't a whole-number BPM. So, just set the first grid marker and if the track says 127.035 or something, 99.9% of the time, it's supposed to be 127.000…at least, with modern dance music.
    5. And, seriously, I'm not convinced that anybody at Dubspot has a clue what they're doing.

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