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    Default strange sound problem

    Hey guys!

    I have a weird problems with my setup (really classic: white macbook 2Ghz, 2 Go running Tiger ; VCI-100 ; Traktor Pro 1.1 ; Presonus Firebox)

    Everything has always been running really smoothly until last week.

    I had 2 differents problems:

    - very loud "cracks" when playing in the club, each time the volume went a bit up (even though all the gains (software + soundcard) were pretty low)

    - drops in the audio (gap of a few milli seconds with no sound at all during playback, a kind a cd skipping sound) - the strange things is that the recorded file of the mix didn't record the drops (but the file quality is still lower that usual, there are some cracks, but not as loud as when I was playing live)

    Any idea of what's the problem? Anyone had the same issues before?

    Thanks in advance

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    what is your latency at?

    do you get the strange sounds when you use traktor without recording?

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    The latency is at 5.5ms, but I've been in the configuration for at least 4 months without any problem.

    The strange sounds happen both when recording and not recording.

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    Try increasing the latency a tiny bit. Your computer may be running slower than it was 4 months ago.
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