Hey everyone so thanks to all of your support I decided to stick with dj'ing and I think part of learning how it all works/why dj's exist in the first place would be to see a show live. I've seen enough youtube videos but never have I been to a concert/performance of any kind before!

I live in the Cleveland area so if you have any shows in that area/suburbs/lakewood/pretty much anywhere in a 30min radius I'd love to go. I also can't go to anything 21 and older since I'm not of age.

I'm interested primarily in electro house, progressive house, maybe a little dubstep or house and top 40 (not because I like the music per say but because this genre caters to so many people), but if you play anything else and are in the area just let me know.

If you wanna pm me about that's cool or just post here

Thanks for all the help guys