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    im just starting into DJing and all the equipment im getting is good quality due to the fact that its straight from a relative who is a large name dj of our area who is giving it up..i have everything i need for startup but i am debating on what type of laptop to purchase..this new laptop will only be used for DJing as i will keep my current laptop for school..ive heard alot of good things about Macs but im not fond of the price..ive recently been interested in one of the top of the line HPs with beats audio...but i am open to literally any suggestions...thanks

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    i can relate a bit but what i am getting is the mini mac. i have the screen the mouse and keyboard and all its and portable its like taking a tower with you where ever u go but heres that catch you have to bring the screen everything else with you to gigs sooo apple is worth it. unless u want a pc talk to your friends at frys electronics or bestbuy for max cpu

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    Tons of threads on which computer to buy and every single headphone thread that mentions the beats say they suck.
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