Addicted to down loading music!!
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    Default Addicted to down loading music!!

    So here is the deal, I listen to pandora while I work, and if I hear a track I like I book mark it so I can purchase it later. With this habbit I have ended up with around 3500 dance tracks of all genres in my library. Some of them I have never listen to, but when I goto create a set list I think "oh yeah that track would be hot". Problem is that with so many I really dont know most of them as I should, for as the breaks and stuff. I was wondering if anybody had any suggestion on how to manage this? Should I just pick a hunderd or two and work with those only? Some ideas would be great here, please!!!

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    Sounds like my friend.

    Same situation...Except he has more than a terabyte, most of which he's never listened to.

    I'll tell you the same thing I told him. If you have more than you know what to do with, why do you continue stop downloading and spend some time with the music before continuing to download again.

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    The problem is your buying tracks you like, buy only tracks you love/cant live without and only keep those songs in your crates

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    Well just listen to them

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    I had a library of stuff I accumulated over the past ten years or so- like 28,000 tracks many from way before I was djing.

    I went through over the weekend and purged out about 20,000 tracks and went from 28k in my library to 8k and I still need to purge more to make it useable (I only used playlists and a lot of searching). I backed up my collection first and put it on another drive to forget about/archive.

    I am also in the process of tagging everything through trainspotter so I have everything tagged with genre, key, label, release, all proper id3 tags and art. If I can't tag something with trainspotter and I don't know it I delete it. I still have like 6k more tracks to tag but it isn't so hard when you get the hang of it.

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    Yeah…I have 140 tracks in my "current" playlist, which covers a few genres that I like to weave between. I cycle tracks in and out fairly often and haven't really run into problems at short gigs. At longer ones, I use whatever's on my laptop at the time, which is the current "current" playlist, plus whatever's been on it since I last did a big purge…which is about 600 tracks right now. I tend to ruthlessly purge tracks at about 800 knowing that they're on backup drives somewhere.

    I don't carry a huge music collection with me. I think it's important to only keep the good stuff. Otherwise, I can't find anything.

    I also make things wait in my shopping cart for a day or two before I actually buy them, and I listen to previews at least a few times…and try to find a full copy on youtube. If I get sick of the track in doing that, it's not good enough to buy.

    I try to treat it as much like vinyl as I can.

    Hell…the last track I added was a free download off soundcloud that was tagged in a James Zabiela set on I listened to it twice in the mix and once on SC before I clicked download.

    I think I have the opposite problem.

    @xone, thanks for trainspottertwo. That thing is kinda cool, even if I don't use it for anything but adding cover art, it's worth the download. And if they ever re-write it in a real programming language, I'll donate.

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    You need to purge. Go through and rate your songs and anything that's not at least a 3 star delete or move to a different drive.

    As far as downloading goes if you're torrenting stop it. Not because it's wrong, but because it's a waste, which you've kind of proven with the situation you've gotten into. If you force yourself to buy the music then you won't download songs that you just kind of like. Maybe look into Spotify for some of these songs that you might want to go back and listen to later, but don't really need to have on your hardrive or in your DJ collection.
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