Saturday Night Passion - [Sexy-Electro House?] Mix 3
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    Default Saturday Night Passion - [Sexy-Electro House?] Mix 3

    Hey Guys and girls,

    So i've posted my two other mixes up here before and got some great feedback, I think I'm slowly improving especially when it comes to phrasing and making sure things don't clash. I know theres a few major hiccups on this mix to the expert, but I think this one is at least passable to the not quite so expert! At least its nicely beat matched I think..

    Let me know your thoughts, especially on the track selection, been really digging a lot lately to find new originals, theres a bunch that didnt make it on especially some french tracks I absolutely a dore Comme Des Enfants and l'amour et le violence (boys noize remix)

    You can see my full podcast and listen to here:, you can also see my old ones and perhaps tell me how i have progressed??

    Listen to the Mix - Download the mix


    1. Tunisia Bambaata (Mercury Remix) - Dj MEHDI
    2. Let the Music Play (Death To The Throne Remix) - Shannon
    3. Blue Monday (Vandilism remix) - Kurd Maverick
    4. The Dream Machine - Gunstar
    5. Quicksand (autoKratz Drags to Riches remix) - La Roux
    6. Don't Upset the Rythm (Kissy Sell Out Vocal Mix) - Noisettes
    7. Part of Me (DiscoTech Remix) - Chriss Cornell
    8. Rich Girls (The Twelves Remix) - The Virgins
    9. Crazy Train (Dot Com Remix) - Ozzy Osbourne
    10. Every Little Earthquake (Clap Mike Armour Remix) - Little Boots
    11. Drop The Tough (The Twelves remix) - Groove Armada
    12. Breakfast (Mercury Remix) - LeLe
    13. Lion (Bag Raiders Remix) - ZZZ
    14. Ride Like The Wind (2008 Klaas Remix) - Michael Mind
    15. Give It up (Kissy Sell Out Remix) - Datarock
    16. Raise Me Up - Hercules & Love Affair

    Thanks for the feedback in advance... LOVE THIS SITE!

    Ciao for now

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