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    Hey I'm new to djing and am pretty young.
    I have my eyes on the Traktor S2 bundle from here and have no idea how to get the money for it.
    ALSO I need your help to give me all the starting out tips for a dj.


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    Need money? Get a job.

    To the second part of your post, there are plenty of threads on here already about that exact subject, use the search function and you shall be rewarded.

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    My tips for you:

    Forget fx. You will overuse them, and end up missing your transitions. First, work on your transitions. Pick 2 tracks that have steady bass lines, or better yet, 2 of the same track. Learn to beatmatch those without using sync (that can come later when you have mastered beatmatching). Then learn to count beats. Then, learn how to phrase your tracks so they line up like magic. There are tonnes of tutorials on youtube, and on here. Check out ellaskins on youtube. Dude is major weird, but very helpful.
    Most of all, use the search button here. Everything you need to know is here
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