Hard & Soft vci-100 Jog Wheel (how to fix it)
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    Default Hard & Soft vci-100 Jog Wheel (how to fix it)


    Since this is my first post i would like to introduce myself, my name is Chris Romanelli a.k.a Zen i am from Venezuela and i am very excited and willing to help this nice community.

    But i have this problem i just bought a vci-100 and it came with a jog wheel that is harder that the other. It is kind of cool because on the right side you have the hard SL1200 like feeling and on the left side you have a softer CDJ like feeling. Since you are experts in modding the vci i was wondering if you have found any screw, or way that adjusts the jog wheel resistance so i can have both jog wheels with the same feeling?

    if there is none, it would be nice for a mod project to be able to adjust also the wheel resistance, this mod would make the vci just the perfect midi controller.

    Thanks for your help

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    you came to the right place-

    yes, there is a tutorial on how to fix this and it is located here:


    I am also now moving this to the proper place in the forum.
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