Question involving audio 10 and internal mixing
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    Default Question involving audio 10 and internal mixing

    Hey all

    I've got a couple of turntables (tt-200's) and an audio 10, tspro 2, and my vci-100. What I don't have is an external mixer.

    I've got the sound running fine and everything with my setup but how do I use my headphones? I plug them into the headphone slot in my audio 10 but when I go to settings the "monitor" options don't show anything except the outputs A-D and I can't put my headphones into those slots because they only have RCA in and outs.

    So basically in the preferences when I select stuff for monitor, it doesn't show the headphone in as an option.. suggestions as to how to get my headphones to work without buying an external mixer?
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    Also: just got the setup and i'm trying to get it all working now. I have no idea what I'm doing

    How do I get it working using an internal mixer with my VCI and using the turntables? I'm so lost haha
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    I've never tried it, but I assume it's just a matter of routing the inputs correctly for it to work. It doesn't matter whether you are mixing the rest with MIDI...

    EDIT: So, you just need to make sure the A10DJ is the audio output, but set to internal, and make sure the inputs are correct for the TTs.
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    The headphones either monitor the 'Main' output or input so this is the one you want to use for monitor.
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    I just purchased an APC40, and I want to use it along side my A10 sound card, but I too can't seem to get proper monitoring, I plug my headphones in the A10 and choose set it on "in", but I can't hear anytime coming out of the headphone, I then choose "out" and I just hear whatever is playing on the master out.

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