Laptop DJ using powered speakers
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    Default Laptop DJ using powered speakers

    I just started putting this together to dj with my laptop and need opinion/suggestions on how to connect them together with the best sound results and minimized equipment.

    List of my Equipment:
    laptop running Virtual DJ
    Numark Mixtrack (not Pro)
    2 USB External Sound Card
    2 Main Powered PA speakers with these available connectors below
    1/8" input for iPod, iPhone, or MP3
    1/4" balanced end input
    XLR female input
    XLR male output

    1 Powered Sub speaker with these available connectors below
    Line Output - XLR Male
    Line Input - XLR Female

    This is how i have hooked it up.
    I connected 2 External USB sound card to the laptop (Built in audio sucks), and used 1 USB sound card for my Headphones (Cue purposes). The 2nd USB sound card is connected to my 2 Main Powered speakers using a conversion cable from 3.5mm to dual XLR's connected to both speakers.

    This is where i'm a bit skeptical, I connected the Powered Sub Speaker via XLR to 1 of the Front Powered Speaker.

    Did i connect this correctly, how would you do it different if no?
    Would you suggest a mixer, or maybe just a different hookup?

    Thanks for any help,
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    Default Response attempt #2

    All right folks attempting to load video again. I have checked it and it's working as it should, hopefully it will once uploaded.

    OK previewed post and video working, now to submit.

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    Yikes you are connecting your PA through a 3.5mm jack? I wouldn't go anywhere near 3.5mm for anything serious, if that gets bumped or touched it's going to make horrible noise through your PA and can easily get unplugged.

    Sounds like you need a better soundcard that has some 1/4" balanced TRS outputs.

    I would only convert 1/4" TRS to XLR. If your audio interface only has 3.5mm out I would look for something more suitable for djing/live sound.

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