I am looking at a MIDI controller to accompany my S4, I've looked at the X1, Novation Zero, Midi Fighter, Machine Mikro. I would ultimately want the MIDI fighter but it can't be delivered by Christmas and I live in the UK and last time i ordered my S4 bag from here I got charged 30 'import tax'. I was looking at the Novation Zero SL MK II after I read an article on Magnetic Man's Skream raving about it. I was wandering is it possible to map the Novation Zero to Traktor Pro 2 along with my S4 so I can use it in a similar way to how you would use the Midi Fighter, for cues and mashing things up! Or would the X1 be better? I feel the X1 wouldn't give me that much difference to what the S4 gives me rather than convince. The Mikro looks amazing too but thats $$$

Or maybe theres another option I haven't considered!