famous dj's that use controllers?
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    Default famous dj's that use controllers?

    so... i was discussing with some friends, how most dj's use CDJ's and they were puzzled as to why DJ's still use cd's.

    so my question to the forum is.. why exactly do most Big name Dj's still use CDJ's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by no_rex4u View Post
    so my question to the forum is.. why exactly do most Big name Dj's still use CDJ's.
    Because the Pioneer CDJ-1000 was introduced ten years ago and became the standard. They work flawlessly, were installed everywhere, DJs got comfortable with them, they feel great, and now the 2000 takes it to the next level. A big name DJ can just come with a usb flash drive and plug in and do a flawless set without dealing with other controllers, computer, and audio interfaces.

    Those who feel it would enhance their set you will see do it but since you are asking why a lot don't they just don't have the need or desire to because it doesn't add anything or what it might add doesn't outweigh the hassle and cons of using one for them.
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    can't travel any lighter than just turning up with the clothes you are in and a usb flash drive!!!
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    If you are referring to Pioneer CDJ's, they may be using them, but most aren't using cd's.
    Here are a few reasons why big name dj's and clubs still use them.

    -The basic layout of the Pioneer CDJ has been relatively unchanged.
    -DJ's have been using this same layout for over a decade, so they are used to it.
    -The layout is easy to figure out if you show up to a club and you've never used them before.
    -You don't have to bring a big binder full of cd's, or even a laptop, in order to use them.
    -DJ's like the fact that they can show up to a club carrying only a few usb sticks and/or SD cards with their music and cue points.
    -Controllers don't look professional.
    -Controllers are simply that, a controller. You need a computer to use them, and that is just another variable that can fail during a performance.
    -Pioneer's genius marketing.

    I'm sure I left a few things out, but this will give you a general idea.

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