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    Hey Everyone

    I am new to the forum my name is Dave, I have a few questions to ask and I know it ultimately comes down to me and my decision.

    First off in all honesty I used to D.J. back in the day a change of life made me stop and now I am dying to get back into it. Music is my passion as it always has been and I need to move forward.

    Now the last time I set my hands on a set of turntables was back in 2003.
    Now I am unsure in what direction I wanted to go, Yes I will admit when I first saw the CDJís I went nuts and instantly wanted them. But now unsure

    I was looking into getting a controller wanted the NS7 FX, and then saw the NS6 between the two I am unsure wich I would go with I know about the motorized platters and all I still donít know what would be better.

    Now on the Traktor side of things saw the S4, yes I know Traktor and Serato two separate thing and before you ask I love hiphop dubstep etc but also always had a love for Electronic house club etc

    I was thinking go with the S4 and set up two turntables on the sides but then thinking is there a better mixer I can go with that I can run Serato & Traktor on one computer and switch if I wanted would there be a need for the S4

    I am so indecisive and unsure what to do I can use a controller alone NS6 or what have you but the S4 seems to small for me and I would need some bulk on the sides and add turntables I am so unsure as of what to do any advise please would help

    Or should I even wait and just go for the CDJís

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    Traktor AND serato? Sounds a little pricey to me. I'm running timecode vinyl with Traktor and really enjoy it. If you are looking at the electronic dance over hiphop, go for the S4 with a pair of TTs. Seems like a solid choice, and with all of the mappings available for the s4, I'm sure you can work something out that fits your flow.
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