Traktor Sound routing on PC.
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    Default Traktor Sound routing on PC.

    Any of you guys had succes routing sound between Traktor and other programs like Ableton or Maschine or a DAW?

    For Mac there's allready the Traktor virtual drivers but for Pc you have to rely on the 3rd party like "Virtual Audio Cable" (VAC) and very advanced stuff like "Jack audio" (which is hard to use because it is a dos styled command liner). Problem with routing is, that in Traktor, for input/outputs you can only choose from one soundcard/driver, which ultimately means that if you want to Route the sound from MASCHINE into a channel in Traktor, using VAC, there's no way to use the headphone/monitor output, since you can't use both the VAC & S4 at the same time. I have tried using the excelent ASIO4ALL driver, which allowed me to use more sound cards at the same time, but latency was way to high, and the sound began to click.

    What I really want to do is Route the sound from maschine into one channel in Traktor, and route the output of Traktor through Sugarbytes Turnado (best effect tool ever)

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    There's a GUI for Jack on Windows. Download Jack for Windows here:

    Then run Portaudio followed by Jack Control (IN THIS ORDER). Then in the Jack Control window click on the button that says "connect" to open the patching Window. Its really simple.

    Edit: I forgot, you also have to set Jack Audio as your soundcard in every program you are using Jack with to get it to show up in the patching Window.

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