Hey guys,

just joined the forum out of frustration. Have been djing for while now but never with traktor really. My Set up had always been:

Numark M6 and 2 x Numark NDX 800 (regret buying the Numarks will be replaced with Pioneer 800s soon!)

Purchased an Audio4dj and Traktor Scratch Pro and thats where all the mess began. I cant get the CDJ's with timecode cds to work. Ive watched a million "tutorial videos" but they dont seem to explain anything. In Traktor setup it only says "calibrating" but it seems to recognise the CDJ's as when i move the jogwheels the lines move. I also lost one of the cables for the audio4dj, but this lady at this music shop said standard rca should do it (multicore I think it is). Is that true?

Can you please give me some advice? I dont know whats relevant for you to know so just hit me! Ive been looking forward to working with traktor for so long and quite tempted to just throw it in a corner... :/

Greetz Beatjunkie!