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    Hey guys so i recently purchased a Traktor S4. I am really glad i did. i want to get into making music tho, more than just mixing. I am not sure where to start. i am working on basic controllerism right now. I have no money currently but i will be getting more progressively so i want to know what to get. I have unlimited budget. it just might take a while to get there haha. I am looking to be making Progressive house, Trap, and a little dubstep. So yeah help me out? I would like to keep the money under $1000 for now. I will be getting ableton so assume that everything will be working with that.

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    Everyone is going to post a bunch of controllers but personally I say stick with your laptop and learn the program making beats for at least a year or 2. Or else you will just have a bunch of stuff you don't really know how to use.. :/


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    Well I would just get a basic midi controller with 4 or 5 octaves like Akai MPK49 or 61. You don't need to spend a ton on one. If you already have Ableton than really the next thing to get would be some nice monitors to do your mixing on. Those can have a huge price range depending on just how fancy you want to get. I probably wouldn't spend less than $500 (new) for a pair of monitors though. Depending on how much you want to produce out of the box, a nice synth could be a nice starting piece too.

    Really though, when it comes to producing you don't really need a whole lot to get started outside of a DAW. The best advice I would give would be to save your money and become proficient with Ableton first, which will take quite a bit of time and then start thinking about buying more gear. You would have a much better idea of what you want if you were to do that.

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