Sample Decks Behaving Weird
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    Default Sample Decks Behaving Weird

    Hey guys so I've got 2 midis mapped to triggering the sample decks one is for having them play continuously the other is set for hold so I can make a beat out of the beginning of the sample before I bring it in. The first thing is that they aren't syncing sometimes if my timing is off by just a little and the other is when I try sampling a deck fast to bring it in it jumps to the end of the sample for a split second before playing the beginning any ideas? Using Traktor pro 2

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    Check your Snap and Quantize. Turn em off and play your samples. See how that works compared to when its off.

    You might want to map Sample Phase Sync (I think) to the play button also.

    Then you playing it and syncing it at the same time.
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