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I too am having this same problem with my s4,

Put it on the s4 sound card in audio setup

press play, play button lights up,

but track doesnt move and I can't move around on my jogwheels

really anoyying cause I have a show tomorrow but I'll have to use my production interface to get sound which means my mix won't be nearly as good because I can't use headphones.
I've actually had the exact same thing with my S4 mk1 (which I swapped for my old S2 mk1 really wish I didn't).

It was a really intermittent fault and consequently very hard to troubleshoot, but essentially, at any particular point, audible playback on one of the decks would stop and the waveform wouldn't move, BUT the phase meter continued to spin round and the play light came back on. The only semi-reliable way I found to fix it was to reboot the S4. Which is obviously not great. I had to ditch two radio shows over this, and was then shitting myself about a major gig I had in Brighton last year which I'd been looking forward to the entire year, but couldn't rely on my eqipment... so I ended up borrowing someone elses.

I still have absolutely no idea what that was about, and have since bought myself a new S2 Mk2, mainly as it's more portable and they've finally fixed that not-being-able-to-record the mic issue.

I've still got the S4 and would really like to sell it, but I'd also like a concrete ruling on what this is likely to be, so I can be assured that it won't happen again. NI helpdesk didn't seem too helpful.