Traktor problems!
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    Default Traktor problems!

    When using the latest version of Traktor Pro 2 with my s4 kontroller, I am finding that after a few mins Deck A stops working. It freezes on my Mac book pro and the Deck A "load" button flashes repeatedly on my kontroller. No matter what I do, nothing can stop the flashing on my s4 kontroller or load a new track. Every time i set up to play, this is happenin every time 2 - mins in to the first track.

    Can anybody help me? Is this maybe a problem with my Mac book or maybe a bug in the latest version of traktor?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    when it does it try moving the jog wheel but not pressing it in. Sounds like jog touch is coming on, maybe recalibrate the the jog wheels see how it goes? Its an idea anyways Happy Christmas
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