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    Okay so I just got my new APC 40, along with Ableton 8.2. I plugged it in and did adjusted the settings for input and output in the preferences. No sound is coming from my laptop. The audio jack in my laptop that is. How can I redirect the audio to go out of the laptop. Any suggestions would help. Thanks!

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    Did you set up your midi in/out ports to the apc40?

    Is no sound coming out of ableton because in that case it would be your audio setup under preferences....then just try clicking a clip to launch it.

    I don't know your experience level or how much you have dealt with ableton.

    Get audio working first then get your controller working.

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    What Rukks is saying, is that the APC40 doesnt have anything to do with audio output. Try loading an instrument and play it with your qwerty keyboard, or even just drag in an audio file into an empty clip spot and see if you hear anything when playing.

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