Painful MPD32 Problem
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    Default Painful MPD32 Problem

    was fiddling about tidying up my cables earlier.

    i yanked on something, which pulled something else.

    my mpd32 started to fall off my desk, i tried to reach it but couldn't.

    In some sort of weird, literally knee-jerk reaction, i stuck my un-shoed foot out.

    I managed to lessen the damage to my heavy, metal, audio equipment, with my soft, naked foot.

    Pain and swelling ensued, but not even a scratch on my mpd32.


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    At least your "soft, naked foot" as you so beautifully put it won't take money to fix, just time. And pain.

    But hey, at least you don't have to bust out a warranty claim, or if you don't have a warranty, another $300 or more....

    edit: Oh no your from the UK, lord only knows what form of currency you folks use over there. Substitute "whole bunch of pounds/euros/idk" for "$300." Lol
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