Managing Libraries in more than one system Serato & Traktor
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    Default Managing Libraries in more than one system Serato & Traktor

    I just got the traktor kontrol with the Scratch upgrade. I still enjoy using Serato Scratch Live. Some times I think I am going to want to use Serato and other times Traktor. Also too some friends have Serato and others Traktor. If I show up in a club and they have Serato I want to know that my library is up to date same as my traktor library. I want to be able to show up at a friends with Serato and plug my hard drive in and there is my library. I want to be able to do the same with Traktor. Show up some where Traktor is running, plug in my drive and there is my Library.

    The one place the Digital DJ world is struggling the most it seems to be is Library functionality, integration etc..

    Has anyone found a solution for any or all of these situations?

    It's literally driving me crazy trying to figure out how I'm going to approach these situations. Thank you

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    Default Mediamonkey

    So from all that I had read prior to posting this Thread It was looking like Media Monkey would work as a universal library that you can search, drag, drop etc... in and out of both serato and traktor. It also auto updates any changes to the folders that are associated with the program. It also allows auto updates any changes you make to any level of the file such as Tag information or even traktor and serato cue point, beat grids, etc... and here is the part that I just discovered as I was installing it to test it's capabilities. On the second screen of the install it asks me whether or not I want to make it a "Portable Installation"

    With making it a portable installation it means it can be installed on the external hard drive that your music library exists on. This way no matter where you go and no matter where you plug it in the program is accessible. Your library will now be available and organized to be used in either traktor or serato no matter who's computer you are plugged into.

    I think I might have just solved my own problem lol. If anyone has other suggestions please let me know.

    Thanks again everyone

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    what I did when I was using TSP & SSL, i would update my playlist by mirroring my playlist.

    IE: I had a New Wave crate
    80 - 110 bpm
    115 - 125 bpm
    130 - 140 bpm

    and i would crate the playlist in traktor & drag & drop the mp3s and analyze and that would help both SSL & TSP to be update.
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