Help with music workflow(Beatport/iTunes/MIK/Traktor)
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    Default Help with music workflow(Beatport/iTunes/MIK/Traktor)

    I just recently dove into the digital world with an S2 and love it so far. I just need help getting my music sorted out. I buy from beatport, and have Mixed in Key.

    I want to know the best process to run things through MIK and then have the key of the track follow the track into Traktor.

    Do you guys use iTunes to organize? What is the best way to organize your tracks? The last thing I was doing several years ago was burning discs as I purchased tracks.



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    Hey mate, I use iTunes as my master organiser and will do until traktor gets smart playlists. Here is my workflow:

    - Save files in “Dance music” folder
    - Play track and key it using Garageband keyboard (or just use MIK)
    - Place in correct Grouping according to intensity level (1, 2 or 3) < these are my smart playlists in iTunes
    - Repeat for each track
    - Open Traktor, open iTunes folder and go to ‘All’, and drag and drop new tracks into the appropriate playlist, and ‘All’ playlist
    - Edit tags in Traktor to include extra tag information e.g. 'Remixer'

    Finished. iTunes will have the right information about the track, and Traktor will have a copy of it in the right place, including extra tag information for ‘Remixer’.

    If you need to play on CDJs:
    - Open Rekordbox, plug in USB drive, open Bridge, go to ‘All’ playlist, highlight new tracks and click ‘Export to’ and choose USB drive.

    If you ever need to reset the playlists, iTunes has the master copy:
    - Reset the old playlist in Traktor or rekordbox
    - Drag and drop the smart playlist from iTunes into the now clean playlist
    - Reanalyse (this applies to both Traktor and Rekordbox)

    There are other threads on this forum on how to organise music collection which I found really useful too.

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    I use iTunes to organize everything. I gave up on other ways of doing it. Not that I didn't like it, but itunes is a million times more convenient. Serato + iTunes integration is really clutch for me, and I use smart playlists for a ton of different things. Not sure how well that translates over to Traktor, but I imagine it's pretty similar.

    I have a love/hate relationship with MiK. I loved it when I had my PC. But as the license is not for both PC and Mac, they wanted me to buy it again when I got my Mac. So I won't use it ever again, out of sheer spite.
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    Every time I buy a track, I run it thru MIK, have MIK write to the "Comments" Section in iTunes, and then I import the track into Traktor & sort by comments. Works for me

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