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    Default DJTT Controllerism Competition

    Reading about the arguement between controllerism and turntables, and watching vids kept me up until 5 am (right now) and I ended up stumbling into this video.!

    What do you guys think about a controllerism competition hosted by DJTT?

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    I'd like that too, but I think in the rules there should be one like, "you should be able to dance to the mix and it would be loved by a crowd." In other words the entry should not be a bunch of stuck together stems in Ableton, where if you had played it for a
    crowd, they'd look up at you and think, "WTF!" Something like the video you presented is really nice to see in Youtube and he does a pretty good job, but it isn't controllerism from a DJ perspective IMHO.

    I'd be looking for something more along these lines.

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