Advice before i purchase!
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    Default Advice before i purchase!

    I recently sold my S4 and looking in to my new setup and have recently been leaning towards an Akai APC-40. The plan is that I'll be using my iPad that is running lemur to controll effects and parameters in ableton (where my traktor audio is getting routed to) and use my MF pro beatmasher for the effects in traktor.

    The plan with the Akai is that It will be launching tracks, cue points, samples in both ableton and traktor and of course use the volume faders for all my channels and let's not forget the awesome looping in traktor!

    However: since I'll be running my tracks in traktor to ableton, should I take the bundle that will include an upgrade from ableton intro (which I'm currently running and here is the link: to the full version? I'm not a producer but I want access to VST's, Studio effects and better EQ's that will result in more creative and cooler effects (the MF effects with ping pong delay shocked my friend with amazement).

    And also: my friend advices me to think over it now when I have a lemur available, so If anyone agrees with him, could you recommend me another controller?

    Thanks in advance!

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    get a vci400 : D

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