Where to find good intros?
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    Default Where to find good intros?

    Does anyone out there know of a good source for dance music intros? I enjoy making compilations and like to start the mix off with some vocal samples or something without a beat that i can layer the first track over...
    I'm sure most qualified djs/producers create their own but unfortunately lack those skills. any reference would be helpful. thanks in advance!
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    I'm sure other people here will know of better places, but I've used vocal samples from


    Actually they have tons of good samples, vocal and otherwise, that you can download for free.

    Edit: Actually after reading your post again I realized this is entirely probably not what your looking for. I'm sorry. But still it's a worthwhile site with loads of different samples.

    You could try using acapellas?
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    I sample movies for this purpose sometimes...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Creamation View Post
    I sample movies for this purpose sometimes...
    hear hear

    I like epic movies especialy, the narrator has usualy pretty deep voice that totally sounds on a club system - like introduction on Barbar Conan, just epic and fun.
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