DJTT is the best place on the internet. Period. A Thank You
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    Default DJTT is the best place on the internet. Period. A Thank You

    Just like the title other forum I've been on (not that I'm on a bunch of them) has so many people that go out of their way to help people, an extremely low asshole to non asshole ratio, and such a wide variety of great, intelligent, thoughtful, funny members...

    With that out of the way, I'd like to say that without the advice I've received here I wouldn't have been nearly as prepared for what went down last night...I played a house party for a really really wealthy kid. about 50 people there , they all danced till dawn... I played about 7 hours, made tons of mistakes, but the people kept groovin... just to let everyone know




    this was my dawn tune, the kids were so into it

    Unfortunately they didn't feel the drum and bass nearly as much as I wanted them too, the host and a couple of his close friends definitely were into DnB so I got to play a bit of it, but mostly the crowd were "club music" types... Great night, the kids got to explore my (extremely limited) collection of early 2000s prog, trance, house, and breaks, I got to have one of the most incredible nights of my life. Thanks again DJTT community, you guys absolutely rock...

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    Glad the night went well.
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