Total newbie here so guys please bare with me please. I'm running traktor pro now, the upgrade from traktor 3. I'm having a problem with syncing 2 tracks together with my vestax vci 100 the original. In traktor 3 it was very simple. If for example i had a track playing at 130 bpm and i was bringing in a track of 125 bpm, id sync it and boom id have around + 5 on pitch, 130 bpm and on point as well as the phase meter staying locked. Now on traktor pro, instead of going from 125 to 130 it will go 125 to 110!!! Also the phase meter bugs out, the only way to sync the tracks is to do it manually but i'd rather just sync it for now. Another problem I'm having is finding the right TSI file along with good keyboard mapping, as of now mine sucks, can someone link me to something that will suit my needs, thanks!