Needing some Recommendations
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    Default Needing some Recommendations

    Hey Everyone

    I've been DJing for about 18 months. I started with digital DJing due to the lower cost. I started with Virtual DJ. I then moved to Traktor (which I currently use), and use a Hercules RMX and a Kontrol X1. I never really taught myself how to beatmatch, mostly used sync, or just songs with the same BPM. The last month I've been practicing beatmatching and I was wondering if I should maybe switch over to timecoded CDJs with Traktor to get used to beatmatching and CDJs in general.

    Do you guys recommend this or should I stick with the digital/MIDI path?

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    I think if your going to get cdjs, use they as try we're designed to do... Why bother using timecode when you can use the properly?

    You can still beatmatch perfectly fine on cheaper controllers... As long as you have a pitch slider and jogs (or even pitch bend buttons) it works, and it's the same skill imo
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    Keep it controller and Digi unless you plan on playing out, then id go CDJ & mixer as its the club standard. I really dont see the point in timecode vinyl unless your in to scratch/ turntablism

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