Running Time Code Control on Non Traktor Soundcards
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    Default Running Time Code Control on Non Traktor Soundcards

    Found this a little wile ago, anyone with a non native sound card want to check if this works? or can anyone comment on why this would work or wouldn't work?

    Running Time Code Control on Non Traktor Soundcards:

    First make shure you have an ASIO soundcard with 4x4 in/outs working.

    You go to start-> Run

    type in "regedit" and confim

    Now will open Registry Editor.

    follow this string:


    Now you have a selection of folders that have the same name as your sound card.

    in my case that itīs BCA2000 Behringer USB interface was.

    You make a right click on your sound card driver / folder and rename it to "Audio 8 DJ",
    once this is this done, click into that folder and you can find various listings of names and values.

    Your search for the name "Description" if this is not already created or you have to add it so:

    (You go into the "ASIO" folder that you renamed "8 DJ Audio" and go into the right field, make a right click -> New> String Value. name This key "Description")

    Do you have the key / value found or created, then you make a right click -> "Edit."
    It opens a small window, you give below a value "Audio 8 DJ" and confirmed.

    when you have this done you close the Editor and open Tractor Pro, in the audio settings you see now a "Audio 8 DJ",first this will not work but , select your Directsound audio device from the device list [in my case BCA2000 (Direct Sound]) so that you get sound, then change to the "Audio 8 DJ."

    Now you should run your tractor Pro vinyl with your time code as the "Audio 8 DJ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eataskdotcom View Post
    can anyone comment on why this would work or wouldn't work?
    Maybe NI patched Traktor to stop these shennanigans?
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    We dont talk about hax here.

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    if i have to buy a plastic crapcard because ni's nazipolitics won't let me use the timecode technology on a proper audio-interface is something interesting for me ;D

    because if this were so, i can stop to think about ^^ because i never would =)

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    Cough cough VCI-400 just got a thousand times sicker cough

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    In before Karlos

    I haven't tried this method but I can confirm there is another way to do this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xonetacular View Post
    In before Karlos
    Karlos is on a little vacation.
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