hat I'm looking for is
-4 channel mixer (2 cdjs + apk49 or any other midi controller + 1 empty channel for later)
-I would use the 2 cdjs and mixer while adding midi components using apk49 (mapped to ableton)

Anyone have experience with a single CDJ(900/2000) + apk49 + xone d4 set up?
-I chose d4 over db4 because of the price and honestly, i dont need a db4, its basically a rocketship
-maschine for the midi slicing, manipulating functions
-CDJ for the jog wheel

Budget wise, behringer mixers are much lower on the spectrum compared to a xone92/xoned4 or a djm900. Does the behringer mixers have worse sound cards/sound issues? latency?

However, if I do not plan on using native xoned4 or djm900 effects units, but rather connect a 4 channel mixer with two cdjs and a midi controller (to perform the functions of a xoned4 or djm900's effects using ableton) would I even need a d4/djm900?

Is there just a stripped down basic 4 channel mixer that has high fidelity sound with a great soundcard?

What do you guys think?