So I Am Going to HONOLULU this june and need some info!
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    Default So I Am Going to HONOLULU this june and need some info!

    Guys i just received confirmation on my plane ticket win to Honolulu this june (i play some nerdy trading card games and shit which has epic level rewards and pro play). The event i am aiming for takes place around 5th to 7th of june and surely i will be coming for at least a week to spend some terrific time there.

    I am wondering how big is Honolulu in terms of clubbing culture. I tried to do my homework but google didn't help me much. Is anyone familiar with scene there and can give me contacts or advice how to try to get gig there?

    in case you read it up until here, practically same applies for Barcelona in may (i have some spots to check out, but some straight contacts will be sweet)
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    I grew up in Honolulu until i was 15 so i can't really tell you much about the club scene currently, but when i was growing up, the scene was pretty popping. Local law enforcement is pretty lenient but MPs (Military Police) pretty much are dickholes. Waikiki has a strip that has some pretty ritzy and hipster clubs and there are a couple hotels that have it. Oh, and don't go to the beach at night. People tend to disappear.

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