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    @scamo, I actually hope the exact opposite. I hope other manufacturers see the need/market for such products and make good, quality versions at appropriate prices. The "cheap" market seems flooded with controllers, but the image of controller-users isn't going to turn around until they're perceived to be as high end as the club standard kit.

    A deck controller the size of a cdj2k with a price over 1500 with good converters available, a mixer-style controller to match, and traktor being able to aggregate them and use them with well thought out multiple USB connections would go further to legitimize midi fighters and s4s than anything the current controller manufacturers are doing even if the capabilities to cost ratio is way long as its done in a way that traditionalists can see/feel the quality.

    A d-command or control24 is basically a really glorified mouse, but I'm convinced that part of the reason people accepted them in studios is that they're so damned expensive that people who'd only used analog consoles had to take them seriously or spend over half a million on an analog board that served essentially the same function.

    The current state of DJ controllers is pretty awesome as long as you're not looking for the same experience as using "real" gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karlos Santos View Post
    Maybe someone else has also had this vision and is making such a mapping
    *Gets excited*

    Quote Originally Posted by Karlos Santos View Post
    No mate, im not sure of release date.
    *Feels deflated*

    Actually thinking about it, an x1 + k2 is a wicked combo.

    Not gonna lie, i want this for house parties

    @mostapha I sort of feel like the CDJ2k and DJM900 is kind of what you're talking about already right? Or not...?
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