Im building my own 15" pa speakers with custom components. I have 1 small horn tweeter and 2 piezo tweeters and it sounds nice and clear, but when I turn the volume up the bass does not keep up with the highs, and it literally kills my ears. I can turn it down on the Dj controller but I dont want to do that.
My question is can I just put a volume control on just the tweeter part of the speakers?
I took it apart and my tweeters are all connected with the same wire, I want to put a volume control or POT on the positive wire, so I will have a separate adjustable trebble.
My only concern is will it really mess up the sound cause of the impendace? does it really matter? I know you can use an L PAD but I have bunch of volume controlls sitting around.
Will it really mess up the sound since Im only modifying the tweeters the woofer will be left untouched?

Sorry guys if this is a bad place to post it, since its a little technical, but I know lots of DJs are great tech guys.