G'day folks need some starting assistance in mapping the RMX to the FDP. I have read all the post plus some on RMX mapping and have downloaded some TSI files. (that is another story). What I am asking for is some direction in setting up my modifying or deck switching buttons. Which one would I use? DO I need to use more than one to make the switch? At the most, I want all the decks to have the same functions when they are selected, at the least be able to cue, play and set loops on decks C/D. I am thinking of using my Source buttons (1 & 2) to switch between decks A/C & B/D. If that works how do I code it so that they will do that. Please show an example of what the code would look like if possible when you respond. I have downloaded the Hercules mapper just can't seem to get it to do what I want. will keep trying til something works.

Thanks in advance once again